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Somerset, NJ Indian Wedding by Ishan Fotografi


Woodland Park, NJ Indian Wedding by Studio KSD


Due to their dedication and sheer passion for music they have taken the company to new heights and is now known as one of Texas’ most versatile and innovated DJ’s. Nachle DJ Entertainment has experience in djing small holiday parties up to large-scale events, like platinum weddings with the utmost ease and creativity. They possessed the uncanny ability to read the crowd and provide them with exactly what they desire and thus never has a problem keeping the crowd on their feet. In addition to developing innovative and unique remixes they can also spice up the night by rocking the Punjabi Dhol. Dholi Hardeep Sandhu, the first female dholi in the state of Texas, has been playing dhol for over 8 years and has played dhol all over the state of Texas as well as Louisiana, Chicago, Ohio, California, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Virginia. She has performed at numerous wedding receptions, baraaths, birthday parties, club parties, anniversaries, graduations, you name it. She has played alongside artist such as: RDB, DBI, Pree Mayall, upcoming artists Rumi-G and Amar Sandhu, DJ Impact, DJ Prince, DJ Sandhu, DJ Jag, and many more local desi DJs throughout the state of Texas.








Nachle DJ Entertainment

Austin, Texas Fusion Indian Wedding by Spinning Leaf Films

Michelle and Paraag chose the most festive time of the year to host their Indian fusion wedding soiree! We’re swooning over the twinkling lights and evergreen trees that studded this whimsical event. After watching the romantic film by Spinning Leaf Films we’re dreaming of wintery crisp air and gingerbread lattes in the midst of this he...


Albert, Texas Fusion Indian Wedding by Shelby Nickel Photography

There is an element of Indian weddings that are sometimes missed due to the hustle and bustle of ensuring that the multiple events are aligned according to schedule. As most of us know; Indian weddings are often never on schedule! It is important to ensure that the most suitable photographer is hired as your photos are the one thing that will never...



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